The best one speed bicycles

When you were growing up, it’s dollars to donuts that your favorite bicycle was a one speed bicycle. As a matter of fact, except for the fancy Schwinn three speed that some adult you knew owned, one gear was all tat anyone had.

many gearsOf course with the boundless energy of youth, one speed was really all you needed. Speed up to go fast, slow down to go slow, slam on the brakes when necessary. Then as time marched on, both for you and for technology, the amount of gears you could expect to find on a bike climbed from five to ten to fifteen and beyond.

And you convinced yourself not only that you needed all those gears, but also that you could manage then effectively. That was, for most people, a dream. Unless you are a professional racer the likelihood that you could differentiate enough between fifteen or eighteen gears to be able to select the proper gear for each situation, or that you could even remember the ratios and how to get from one to the next is highly unlikely.

More likely you settled on two or three gears, often on one sprocket, that you used for all situations. One for hills one for cruising and one for when you felt like showing off. And all of the other gears sat fallow.

Then more years passed. Maybe you lost your desire to be pounding out the miles on the open road and instead would like to get back to the simple enjoyment of a leisurely ride. Fortunately, once again your timing is good. There is a new surge of interest in the best of the single speed bikes available in stores today. From any of the many hybrid bikes available for commuters or simply beach cruising, to simpler versions available at the local big box store, there is sure to be a version to fit your needs.

Fat tires, skinny tires, tires in between. Baskets and brackets and bells and whistles galore if that’s what you yearn for. Heavy or light or either or neither. Yellow or pink or black or blue.

Be honest, you don’t need all those gears. Why would you. The simplicity and durability of a one speed bike make it the bicycle of choice for any who do not still imagine that they could compete with others on a regular basis. Or that they would want to.


Make it easy

The thing about so many of the things that are good for you, is that they are hard to do. There is such a large chasm between the thought and the deed that one of the things that you have to take into consideration is how to make things as easy as possible.

FoldingbikeIn that vein I present the new light folding bike choices. In my opinion something like this is a fine choice for reducing the resistance that comes with trying to make healthy choices. In this particular case, you could pack the folding bike into your vehicle. Then when you are driving home from work and see a nice spot for a ride, instead of having to try to keep your motivation up until you get home and then grab your bike and go back where you were, you can just unpack your folding bicycle, jump on it and go for a ride immediately.

Of course there are other good reasons to purchase a folding bike. They are a good choice in some commuter situations and a great option for when you are traveling. You can have a bike with you at all times and when you need to get around in the town you are visiting or around the RV park you’re staying at, you can just hop on it and go.

They are also a choice for mixed commuting.You can pack the bike with you to the train station and take it with you. The viability of this choice is getting better all the time. Many modes of transportation are very accepting of the idea of folding bikes. Trains, buses, subway cars and elevators are all places where you can ride with your collapsible bike.

So you can easily travel between legs of your trip, and/or from the last public conveyance to your place of work. Another point is that if you live in a small apartment in the city, the folding bike will easily fit in a corner of your living space.

They are also cute as a bug. At least some of them are. There are many different styles to choose from. And depending on your sense of style many of them are not attractive.

Love it Too Much

All the things that are bad for you. Why is that?

We like to lay around and watch tv – movies or sports or binge watching the latest Netflix series. We like to eat all the things that we shouldn’t (boy do we ever!) I guess if we didn’t pastrieslike all of those things, overcoming them wouldn’t be a chanllenge, and where would life be without challenges?

But the fact is that there are challenges, and they must be overcome. Unless you are one of the lucky ones who for some reason just have it in their DNA to do all of the things that are good for them.

Unfortunately I am not one of those. I am a person who does indeed like all of the things that I should not like. I have a vicious sweet tooth, I am lazy as a dog on a hot day, and I would truly love to be totally ok with that.

However, I am not, so in these pages I will hope to put my challenges and my successes. Who knows, maybe I will take the high road and pretend that I have no challenges.

We shall see what we shall see. Stay tuned.


This is a brand new blog.

The nice thing about the first post on a new blog is that no one will ever likely see it.  That means that I don’t have to be too concerned with what I say or exactly how I say it. No one will see this blog in its early days, and by the time there is likely to be much traffic here, there will hopefully be enough posts on it that no one will be digging through the piles of posts to find out what I was saying or thinking on the day I first started it.

Of course if that does happen I am sure I have the option of deleting the post at that far future date.

Never mind all that. The purpose of this blog in that far future date will be to inspire. To help in what little way I can, any one who stumbles across this blog, to get and/or maintain some semblance of shape and not coincidentally balance in their life. It is so important that you keep yourself in shape as you age. In that way all of the negative aspects of aging are minimize and your enjoyement of life can be maximized, not just day to day , but in the number of days. That is my passion and my wish for you.

Rant off.